January 11, 2018

Hello everyone, 
Today I'm doing a collab with dear blogger Andrea (go to her blog by clicking or typing on her name) on the topic of morning routine during holidays. (You can also check her post out which is the same topic.)

All right, each of us has his morning routine, they differ in men and women, at a certain time of the year or in the mood. 

But when you say "holiday" what exactly comes to your mind? It's waking up at the late time, without thinking about obligations, enjoying with your friends... and of course, a different morning routine which can take longer than during regular workday.

Well, this is the spectrum of things I do in the mornings when I wake up during the holidays:

1. I stay in my bed after I wake up.

  • When I wake up for no reason, obligations... I stay in my bed and check my phone, messages, mail and social media. And listen to music, apparently. 

2. Doing all my morning needs in the toilet. 
  • Okay, after being in the bed, I should go in the toilet to wash my face, brush teeth and... you know I guess.  

3. Breakfast, coffee...

  • But before any of food or coffee, I drink a glass of water. Now breakfast can start! Sometimes that's some kind of smoothie, but hello, isn't it a holiday, these days I don't pay attention to calories that I take soooo I eat whatever I want. You can check out some recipes for holidays over HERE.
    When I finish my breakfast, I drink coffee. Many of people drink coffee before breakfast. I do the opposite. I don't know, just got used to. 

4. Taking a shower and facial treatment.
  • And yeah, I also got used to taking a shower when I wake up, not before I go to sleep. And because it's holiday and I have a free time, why not to do the facial treatment? I've got some things for the facial treatment that I'm gonna show you now. 

Okay, this cleaning scrub I don't use so often. It smells so nice and the texture is very good. 

This is for "daily" use, even though I don't use it daily, but anyway I use this more often than the previous cleaning scrub. 
What I've got to say for this thing? It smells amazing! I recommend!

I use this after shaving. Definitely, recommend!

My personal favorite thing. Because I don't like creams, I use this refreshing moisturizer instead od any creme. It's very nice!

And last but not the least thing. I use this for under eye area. And it's very refreshing and compact.

When I finish showering and hair and facial treatment, I choose an outfit and I'm ready to go somewhere and hang out with my friends. 

And that's it, I hope you liked my post, and as you saw, I'm not good at showing beauty stuff, sorry if that was so amateur, but I gave my all. And I want to thank Andrea because she invited me a collab and please check her morning routine during holidays.

Leave a comment do you like this kind of lifestyle posts. 

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  1. Izgled bloga ti je fenomenalan za pocetnika!Nadam se da ces imati vise pratilaca jer stvarno to i zasluzujes.Takodje kljuc uspeha je redovno postavljanje - jedan moj savet :) Zapratila sam te,nadam se da ces i ti moj blog:

    1. Hvala ti!! Hvala na savetu! :D
      Poseticu tvoj blog.


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