August 17, 2018

 * H&M hoodie | New Yorker trousers | Stan Smith sneakers | Henri Lloyd cap | *

Hellooo, I finally uploaded a new post! Really needed a little break from writing posts... but anyway, let's get back on track! :)

Okay, I couldn't resist, not to buy this hoodie, recently quite obsessed with this kind of style (i think you cannot find it on stock anymore) It looks a little bit oversized and looks also thick, but it's not at all. You can combine it with ripped jeans, just to look urbaner. I chose these New Yorker trousers to combine with the hoodie, also recently obsessed with a red line along the trousers. They are pretty tight, also came with the strop so you don't need a belt (also you can put the belt if you want to).

As you can see, you can pay these two very cheap, and you can look super cool in them. :) 
I didn't want to highlight sneakers and cap, because you've seen them on my other posts. 
Also, you can't see me smiling on the photos that often, and one more fact about me, sunsets are the most adorable thing! :)

That's it for this post! I hope you're doing well :)

Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. Cool story bro :)

    molim te pogledaj moj blog nova sam: https://pinkpassionisfashion.blogspot.com/2018/09/how-to-style-white-shirt.html
    Hvala draga <3

  2. You are my fashion hero! Where do you get your outfit inspiration? I definitely need to follow those same people

    1. Thank you soo much!! I don't know, it just comes, i also follow many of fashion bloggers and i find an inspiration in that way :)

  3. Wow!Your style is everything. Every.Thing!

  4. You’re looking very edgy on your post. Great inspiration!

  5. So impressed. You’re already my go-to resource for fashion!

  6. Wow! so fashionable, nice graphics, sounds promising!

  7. Wow! So fashionable, nice graphics, sounds promising!


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