March 18, 2018

*Zara sneakers | H&M jeans | Dressmann denim jacket | Stadium t-shirt | Henri Lloyd cap | Bliz sunglasses on the first photo | H&M sunglasses on the third photo*

Did you know that my mood always increases when it's sunny? Yes, when it's sunny I have way more inspiration than when it's not.

So, I don't wear these jeans so often because they're white and sooo easy to get dirty, but they are right ones if you decided to wear them in the club.
I also like to make a contrast, so I wear a darker cap. At the same time, this is my favorite cap definitely, you can wear it with whatever you want, it looks so "street fashion" and classy at the same time. 
When it's sunny, there are sunglasses...well obviously. Here I have two pieces of them. Those from the first photo I use not that often, mainly for special occasions. But second ones are totally universal, sleek and casual, that's why I mostly choose them. :) 
Aaand the last thing that I want to highlight are my ''Stay real'' sneakers by Zara. Okay, they are suprisingly comfortable and warm, didn't expect that really. :)  And those look very nice in the club as well. Basically, if you want to be cool, wear them! 

Do you like when it's sunny?

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I love the look! It looks so cool.

  2. I love absolutely everything!! Have a great day dear!

    New follower!
    ❤ Mary María Style ❤

  3. Looking good!

  4. i love your shades! and cool shoes :)

    xoxo, rae

  5. Great post, I like it :) fantastic outfit :)

    new post

  6. I love that so much I’m going to steal it when you’re not looking! Im a fan btw!

  7. Wow! I’ve never seen anyone look so ready to kill it!

  8. Have you ‘grammed your outfit yet? You. Look. AMAZING!

  9. I like your blog so much. Keep writing!

  10. Hi, your posts amaze me. Definitely bookmarking it. This is because I don’t want to risk missing a single update! I want all the new posts as soon as they’re available. Keep it up!

  11. never gonna get tired from the posts you are publishing! Keep on rockin’!


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