August 09, 2017

Hello everyone,
Today's post isn't going to be so much about fashion.
So, as you saw the name of this post, I'm gonna introduce five places in Stockholm that you should visit.
Alright, let's imagine that you want to come in Stockholm and you have no idea what places you could visit. Of course, there are a lot of different places in Stockholm but I decided to sort  5 that I like the most, I hope you'll like them.

5. Kaknästornet

Okay, I think this tower deserves to be mentioned in top five because obviously there's no any building in the center that tall so you can see most of Stockholm. So definitely it worths to go here!
This tower is located in eastern part of the city, with gorgeous panoramic restaurant/cafe at the top. Also, it's there's a direct bus from center to this tower so it's quite easy to come over here, I'm going to show you one more view from this amazing building.

4. Mall of Scandinavia 

Okay, I know you expected to see one more tourist attraction but I couldn't resist without mentioning this mall xoxo.

Mall of Scandinavia is located in north Stockholm, in Solna. I don't wanna sound like a google or Wikipedia now but it's good to mention. 
I always segregate one day for this mall because is really large and always stay over there almost the whole day. 
Anyway, if you're looking for a good shopping, this is the place for you... but unfortunately not for your wallet haha.
Most of my clothes I bought in Sweden have been bought in this mall.
As you can see there is a fountain and the perfect place for photoshooting beside of it. I mean, entire mall is very good place for photoshooting. 

3. Drottningholm Palace  

Drottningholm Palace is the palace where royal family comes on weekends or just for resting. This is not the main palace where royal family lives.
This palace is located in western Stockholm, near of Bromma. 
It contains really beautiful garden.
I've been few times here and I think this is a good place for photoshooting or just hanging out with friends or family.
It really worths to visit!

2. Strandvägen

Strandvägen... what is that? Street? The answer is yes. That's a street. And that street looks like this.

As you can see, this street is next to the water and ships. That's why this is that big tourist attraction. That view tells everything.
Strandvägen is located in the eastern center of the city, so essentially, this is in the center.
I've seen a lot of bloggers here taking pictures, so that also tells that this street is very good for taking pictures.
And that's why this place deserves a second place on my list, because always when I have a time, I spend it by coming here and enjoying in the sun ( of course if it's sunny). 
So, are you ready for first place? 

1. Gamla Stan

And yeah, we've come to the first place, Gamla Stan...or old town.

Okay, of all the places I mentioned so far, the old town has the largest number of visitors and tourists. 
In Stockholm, the old town is a whole island. 

Also, on this island is located the main palace that is in the corner. And the island is located in the south center. 
The main street is full of people which are ready to take some photos of the old town with impatience. And vanilla smells along the main street. That smell comes from different ice cream shops that make homemade ice creams.
By the way, I have many pictures taken here, in the old town.  

I hope you liked all places i've mentioned.
And if you haven't been in this city, maybe you'll come one day and visit these places. 
The main goal of this post is for those who wanted to come to this city or who just heard but never has seen it before. Maybe you'll like Stockholm after this post, who knows xoxo ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading my post! 
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  1. These places all look so pretty! The palace is my favorite on this list. I would love to go there someday.

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      I will check out! ;)

  3. Beautiful and I like these places very much! 😍

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  5. these seems like really great places that are worth to visit! :)

    xoxo, rae

  6. This town is beautifull and looks incredible on pictures. Cool post!

    Znam, mogla sam na srpskom, ali ok :D

    1. Haha pa mogla si, ali razumeli smo se! :'D
      Tnx btw!

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