July 03, 2017

Hello everybody,
As i said in LAST blog post, i'm currently in beautiful Stockholm. 
In this post, i'm going to introduce you one of my productive days in this nice city. 
So let's start!

Alright, morning like every morning, nothing special. I am trying not to be lazy and i'm trying to wake up as early as possible, of course to get enough of sleep. Okay, to start one pretty good day, i eat fresh and light breakfast, because after fast food or heavy and caloric breakfast it's kinda hard in my stomach and i don't like it.

Then i'm getting ready to get out of home, of course if it's nice weather, if it's not, i go shopping in malls. Getting ready means that i have to choose a perfect outfit, because i always plan to take some pictures while i'm visiting places and walking. 

This time, i've got three outfits.
First day i had beige t-shirt by H&M, white ripped jeans by H&M and Vans old skool sneakers.

Second day i had Vans old skool sneakers, white ripped jeans by H&M, pastel pink t-shirt by Dressmann and denim jacket by Dressmann.

And third day, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, ripped denim jeans by H&M, pastel t-shirt by Dressmann and white shirt by Jack & Jones.

So after choosing my perfect outfit, i leave apartment and go to make some photos and to visit some places that you've seen in these photos. 
I've visited Gamla Stan or old town, there was so nice ice creams, vanilla was smelling along whole street.
There were many tourists who were eagerly waiting to make   pictures of the city.
Then i've been in Östermalm, eastern part of center of the city. 
There were so beautiful buildings, and i definitely couldn't resist it without taking any picture. Apparently. 
Unfortunately, then the rain began to fall, i realize that i can go in Mall of Scandinavia, the biggest Mall in whole Scandinavia, during the raining, that's the perfect way to spend all day, and i can buy something there in the same time, that seems good!
I went there and i've seen this:

I'm amazed of this mall, totally something beautiful.
And as i said, i've bought few clothes. Leather jacket by Dressmann and blue shirt with short sleeves by Dressmann as well.

Then it was too late and i wanted to go back to apartment. When i came home, i wore as lighter cloth as possible. And i've been watching film and eating an ice cream again and getting ready for sleeping and for another day here. 

I hope you liked this post!
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  1. Slike su top, odlican post! Zaporatio sam te :D


  2. I love all your looks! And Stockholm is such an amazing city. People are always so well dressed.


  3. Odličan post, slike mi se jako sviđaju. Outfit je odličan :)
    Ako želiš pogledaj moj blog i učlani se (uzvraćam)

    1. Hvala tii puno!!
      Pogledao sam ga, odlican je, ideje, sve je top! :D
      Zapratio sam te!

  4. Zanimljiv post kao i fotografije :)
    Pratim te, uzvrati ako zelis, zelim ti puno srece u daljem blogovanju ;)

  5. I love what you're wearing, it looks really cool!

    1. Thanks, i'm really trying my best as much as possible. ^_^
      I've seen your blog, it's interesting, i love it! :)

  6. Odličan post! Slike su divne kao i outfit :)

  7. Odličan post,sviđaju mi se outfiti :)
    novi post je na blogu:

  8. You are a genius, I love the camera angle


  9. Stvarno imaš odličan stil !
    Follow for follow ?
    Novi post ❤

    1. Hvala puno!! :D
      Zapratio sam te. ;)
      Pogledaću! ;)


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