June 10, 2017

Hello everyone who read this!
Have you ever wonder how far fashion can come? 
Every year there are some trends that you haven't even seen and they seem somehow stupid and unnecessary and useless.
In this post, i'm going to introduce you top 5 viral trends that i think should stop... really.
I think this is gonna be a bit shorter post than usually.

1. Lace shorts for men

Can you even imagine that, lace shorts for men, okay just look at the photo:

Who can even buy this, definitely this should stop! Okay i understand these colors, but lace is too much. Are you agree with me?

2. Man bun hairstyle

Okay, this was really fashionable last year, but i still think it's funny and needlessly on your head. 

I know that many of men still have this hairstyle and they like it actually, but this is only my thought tho. And in my personal opinion, there's no purpose about this trend. 
Who likes it, go ahead. Basically i still think this should stop. 

3. Longline t-shirts

Alright, imagine something that doesn't make a sense, purpose. Did you? Yes that's a longline t-shirt. 

To be honest, i've got one, but it's not that long, these t-shirts aren't bad, but if overdo with length, then could be really bad.
And like i said, it doesn't make a sense to wear something that is too big for my size, and my legs is going to look shorter. 
Everything's fine if you don't overdo it in.

4. Pants with the crotch dropped

Why does it even exist?

I'm really out of words right now if you're asking me about these weird pants.
I've seen a bunch of people who wear them, but there's nothing interesting about them.
Essentially i don't like these pants and that's my personal opinion.

5. Highly distressed t-shirts

Do you want to know what it looks like when you sleep with a bunch of cats? Here's the answer! 

Okay, maybe i've gone a bit far with those words but don't you think as same as me? 
I honestly like a distressed jeans, as you can saw on my recent posts, i wore them on my daily outfits and for photoshoots. But this is too much. 

That's it, i hope you like it! 

In this post i'm going to publish a few pictures of me as well.

I hope you like it!
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