May 18, 2017

What are up guys, welcome to my new post!
Have you ever wonder how to have a better instagram and more likes and followers?
I'll give you a few tips.
But before i tell you, what do you thing about my new photos? 

I hope you like it! 

So let's start!

1. Make your Instagram theme

~ What is the Instagram theme at all? The Instagram theme is what people see first when they enter on your Instagram, what leaves a first impression.
~ Make your Instagram theme nicer and better by posting a similar photo, therefore you'll be known, and that attracts attention as well. That is also easier for someone to remember your profile.
~ I use a white background on my photos recently, many people use white background too.
~ Choose a type of picture that you want to post on Instagram. For example lifestyle or food or traveling... There are a lot of types that you could use.

2. Take as a brighter photo as you can

~ Okay, many people would say that you need a better phone camera. Alright, that's important, but not as important as you think. 
~ All you need is a lot of brightness, okay when I said a lot, I doesn't mean that you should stay exactly front of your lamp. I meant that you should take a photo during a day, the front of your window. ~ Even bad phone cameras makes good pictures when it's light enough.

3. Use apps for editing photos

~ Most bloggers and YouTubers and celebrities uses apps for editing photos. 
~ That is very important for your Instagram theme because you can't always find a nice place with white background. That's why I use a few apps.
~ Alright, many people were asking me which apps do I use to make them better and nicer. 
~ These apps are: 
  • VSCO ( i always use this app, I add a filter HB1, sometimes HB2, then I increase brightness and contrast)
  • Facetune ( make photo whiter and edit face if I need to do it, or clear away something that I don't want to be in the picture)
  • Enlight (this is a complicated app but useful, I use is sometimes)
  • Darkroom ( i use this app sometimes when I want to add more blue color and to reduce yellow and warm colors)
  • iSplash ( sometimes when I want to clear away colors and usually I leave me or something that I think it's good to leave)
  • Snapseed ( i use this app when I want to add drama effect, also sometimes)
  • Bokeh lens ( i use this app when I want to blur background)

4. Use #hashtags, write description and add an emoji

~ *Alright before I tell you about hashtags, your profile shouldn't be private!*
~ As I said, use hashtags, that contributes a bigger number of likes, sometimes of followers. Why? When you put a hashtag on some of your photos, that photo will everyone see who searches that hashtag ( trust me, there are a lot of people who does that)
~  Then, write a description below your photo, that will leave an impression. Ask a question in the description, that contributes a comment.
~ Add an emoji, it's nice when you see few emojis, don't overdo it!

5. Be active on Instagram

~ Activity is important very much, not only on Instagram but also on all social networks.
~ Being active means that you should post a picture as often as possible, apparently. 
~ By being active many of your followers will like your photos, and your profile and your photos are going to be in proposals to other people.
~ Try to post 4 picture in a week at least.

6. Find an inspiration, be creative

~ Most of people including me are looking for an inspiration on the Pinterest app. There you can find a lot of good ideas for Instagram. 
~ Find an inspiration my looking at other famous bloggers. But don't copy them!
~ Be creative! You should be unique, do something that you haven't seen before on Instagram, maybe that will become a new hit on Instagram, who knows ;).

Okay guys, that't it for me, comment me if you have more tips.
I hope you like these tips.

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