May 31, 2017

~ Hello, everyone has a vacation on summer. That's someone's favorite season i guess.
~ In every summer there are some trends that suddenly appear and everyone get excited about that. 
~ I've been looking for a while on Internet trends for every summer, and i noticed that every summer retro style comes back to trends. For example, denim shirt was in trend for about ten years ago and now it's fashionable again.
~ I think it's summer perfect season for a rest of those heavy jacket and shoes. And now it's the right time to jump into the light clothes and those "summer" shoes that aren't heavy.
~ Alright, i think it's time to say what is trending this summer!
               But before that i'll upload some photo.

I hope you like it! 

1. Tiny breathable shirt

~ Shirts can be really uncomfortable particularly when it's really warm outside, so that's why i recommend a tiny breathable shirt with short sleeves that can really make you confortable and without sweating. 
~ They are stylish as well when combined with shorts, and some t-shirt which can make a contrast if you compare with a shirt.
~ Avoid shirt that you use for celebrations.

2. Shorts

~ Like always shorts are most of the time stylish if we talk about summer's trends. 
~ An important thing about shorts is to fit well, above the knee, 2-3 inches. Then you want it to be tapered on your leg, i don't like so much baggy shorts that can make you more wider. And now you got the shorts that you can wear with almost everything.
~ You can wear it with the t-shirt, shirt, thin blouse even... 

3. Knitted or classic sneakers

~ Now from the classic sneakers, knitted sneakers are becoming more stylish for this summer, for example if you look at the classic Adidas Stan Smith. There is classic model that is also fashionable especially for street fashion. And it's produced a knitted Adidas Stan Smith.

~ Basically every sneaker that is knitted is perfect for a summer. There are also classic sneakers that aren't knitted, they are also stylish.

4. Pastel colors

~ This year, pastel colors became really popular. If you have in your closet something like that, then it's nice to wear.
~ I prefer not to wear everything in pastel colors, i like to mix pastel with a regular colors, because it doesn't look so nice if you're asking me. I like to wear only one cloth with a pastel colors and the rest of the clothes are regular colors. So don't overdo it!

5. Unique sunglasses

~ Summer can't be a summer without a sunglasses, many of sunglasses. But this year unique sunglasses became very popular, that unusual shape leaves really nice impression. 
~ Unique sunglasses are stylish too, i like them. You can combine them with some casual outfit. I do really recommend them for this summer!

I hope you like it! 

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