May 05, 2017

Today is not that special day as i expected it to be. It's raining outside but anyway i decided to be active over here and write some post.

What can i recommend you to wear during these rainy days? I'll give you some advise:

  • Wearing some fashionable sneakers that doesn't leak water inside isn't bad idea, neon sneakers are not recommendable. I recommend some neutral color such as white or black or gray. Alright, that's my thought.
  • Then, some pairs of jeans are pretty good idea.
  • Of course, i'm always for some neutral colored t-shirt, or with some inscriptions
You can wear some shirt over t-shirt with a hood behind because i'm not the fan of umbrellas, i always forget them when i go somewhere. But if it falls heavy rain, then i make an exception and bring it with me.

- I hope you'll like my advises and as i said, these are just my thoughts.

 Alright, i'm going to insert some photo from instagram, tell me what do you think about it?

As i said, this photo has been inserted from instagram, you can go and check them all out HERE

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