May 04, 2017

~ Hello everyone, welcome to my first post!
~ I'm a new user here so I'm going to introduce you my life activity and fashion outfits and teen things.
~ This post won't contain any photo, but I plan in future to put photos on my posts.
~ So let's introduce myself.
~ My name is Baćko, the surname is Jelić, the nickname is Baki. I am 16 years old and I'm from Serbia. I got inspired to write blogs by watching famous bloggers and YouTubers, and I'm here now.
~ I like traveling and to meet new people, and definitely, my love is music and technology, I for sure plan to be a developer in the future.
~ I decided to write in English because I think more people will understand when I write in English than in Serbian apparently.
~ Currently I go to high school about mechanical engineering.
~ I'll be thankful for any kind of support.

~ For now, my photos will be taken by my iPhone SE, the camera isn't bad.

~ Check out my Instagram account HERE


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